Telephone Prescription Ordering

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From 1 May 2022 we will be stopping the telephone option for Prescription Ordering.

As you may recall, the option was temporarily re-enabled throughout the COVID Pandemic. However, as part of resuming services and returning to normal, we are stopping this option. This is in-line with the direction from BMA, the medicines safety team at the CCG, and to reduce any medication errors.

You will still be able to order your prescriptions via your mobile app (NHS App or AirMid), online, using the counterfoil (the piece of your prescription with your list of medications), or by asking your pharmacy to manage it for you.

The Practice is closed for the Jubilee Bank Holiday (2nd of June and 3rd of June)

If you need medical help that can’t wait until we open, you can call our number between 9am-5pm to access GP Care Wakefield; who can provide advice, treatment, and support; this includes same day GP or Nurse appointments if required. If you call our number outside of these hours you will be offered the option to speak to our local out of hours service provider.

Please note, these services are not for routine prescriptions. However, prescriptions can still be ordered online or through the pharmacy.